Scoundrels with Jobs

Roshie, Kirwin and BZ-H had a run in with the leader of a prison clique that was involved in the drug trade, Moruth Doole. They were told that they had to gather raw glitterstim during their mining duties or there would be trouble. Roshie made a deal with Moruth that he would get a datapad in return for the spice.

Afterwards they met with Numa Kairn, who was eavesdropping on the conversation. She said that she could get them off world if they could get her out of the prison.

After mining duty Roshie and BZ-H were compliant but when Moruth's thugs asked for the spice from Kirwin, he decided to sucker punch the Aqualish. Behind the scenes Roshie was able to short out the retraining bolt on BZ-H which allowed Kirwin to convince the thugs that it wasn't worth the fight given BZ-H wasn't restrained anymore.

They decided to follow Moruth's thugs to see where Moruth was hiding and it led to the high security prisoner cell (F), yet the thugs were able to enter and exit at will. Roshie convinced the others that now that they had a datapad, he would need to get to an access point to slice into the prison's systems. They decided the infirmary was the easiest access point so Kirwin punched Roshie in the eye leaving a nasty bruise.

Once in the infirmary, Roshie was able to convince the doctor to let him use his data access point but only if he were to acquire the data cube that Moruth has in his possession. When Roshie returns they confront Moruth during dinner. Moruth is reluctant to give up the cube revealing that it is evidence that the doctor was not responsible for the Grand Moff's death during surgery but rather Warden Kluskine had sabotaged the equipment.

Moruth tells you to follow him to cell block F. Moruth whispers to the others to take out the guard when he opens the gate.



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